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check your diva before I wreck your diva

leave you speechless, without no diction
10 January 1990

leave you speechlesswithout no dictionthat's the truth; it ain't no fiction
My name is Mia. Snark, fashion, European Alt. Rock & caffeinated beverages run through my veins. I'm currently a Magazine Journalism major at a college in Florida. What started off as a place to archive my D/G fanfic has become a more personal place for me to write what goes on in my life. I post when I can, although I try to make at least one post per week. I write about whatever comes to mind, whether it be a celebratory post or me ranting about something, nothing is sacred and pretty much anything goes.
I'm shit at updating sometimes, but I try to make my entries count. Check out the tags list if you're searching for any specific entry. Also, my journal is 95% f-locked. Feel free to follow me on Twitter or Tumblr.
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